Meet the Kids - Logan

Logan was officially diagnosed with Autism at age 2.  We had concerns long before that and he was screened earlier, but they waited until he was 2 for the diagnosis.  Some things that we noticed were that he didn’t always respond to his name, didn’t point, didn’t act interested in people.  He would make little to no eye contact.  He would line up his cars, instead of driving them around.  He would stack towers of blocks as high as he could get them.  He was also particular with his stacking, all of the colored sides had to be going in the same direction.    Until he was about a year and a half old, he was a very good eater and would eat almost anything.  Then he stopped eating most things and would gag often if we tried to get him to eat.  Even now, he only likes junk food and we have a hard time getting him to eat. 

Through a series of events, we were led to the Autism Behavior Treatment Center in Draper.  After unsuccessful progress in public school, we wanted to find a place where Logan would be taught by people that had more experience and training.  He is a very smart little boy and we knew he had more potential for growth than what we were seeing.  Private school is very expensive and we knew we would not be able to pay for it on our own.  While researching possibilities for funding to help us pay for the tuition, we were told about the Ezra B Smith Foundation.   Their contribution to our son’s future has made a huge difference in our lives.  They have been an essential part of us being able to give our son a chance to learn and have access to therapy that he would not have otherwise received.

Since Logan has been at the ABTC, he’s made so much progress.  He speaks so much more now and can request help and items that he wants.  He can provide personal information when asked, which would be beneficial should he ever get lost or need help.  He is so close to be potty trained.  When he first started attending there, he would not use the toilet at all.  He’s less frustrated because he’s learned to communicate his needs and understand what we expect from him.  Logan is a happy, funny child and he keeps us on our toes.  The changes in him have been amazing! 

The Ezra B Smith Foundation has been so helpful and easy to work with.  We appreciate their support!